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Default Re: Pick to be the star of this team, Jordan VS Russell

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
With the options give, I have to go with Bill Russell. That's the just fantastic passing on that team with lineup of Bill, K.Malone, Bird, Drexler, and Stockton. My interior defense would be on lock as well. The ball doesn't need multiple players to take the big shots in crunch time, I feel Jordan and Bird may hinder each other... Just imagine the outlet passes igniting the fast break from Russell down the open court to Drexler or Malone ?

It's not bad picking Jordan either, but I feel Scottie would need to start to make a true impact on that team and Jordan would need to be more ball dominant, which I don't see happening with Bird out there too.

I agree!

It's somewhat hard for me picking Jordan over Russell seeing as Jordan is my second favorite player...its just all things considered with the pieces given, Russell's team would be slightly Superior IMO
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