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Default Re: Games You Hope for Someday?

Originally Posted by BankShot
Fallout 4

Red Dead Redemption 2

a sequel/expansion on Arkham Asylum and Arkham City


Also, IMO a well-done game within the X-Men universe is begging to be made.

Not sure if it would be better off with RPG elements where your own mutant is created and built upon, or if it would be better as a straight-up action.... open world or linear.... but the interest must be there as long as its done properly.

I've imagined an Xmen RPG using the Vs. fighting games' graphic style for years:

And every Xmen RPG that has come out has been the opposite of that.

Top down view for characters as popular as Xmen? Just never seemed right to me. If the Final Fantasy 13 team were allowed to do Xmen, that would be closer in style to what I've imagined than these other recent releases.

As you can see, Cel Shading or "Cartoony" graphics never go out of style.
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