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Default Re: Lebron has never lost in the First Round of the playoffs

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
Are you serious?

Big Z, Antwan Jamison, Shaq, Delonte West, Mo Williams, Varejao, j.j. hickson. that team was built PERFECTLY around Lebron, surrounded him with a supporting cast that complimented Lebrons game perfectly.

You don't win 60 games b2b seasons because of one great player. It just doesn't happen. Lebron wasn't playing with a bunch of scrubs.

Yeah and how far does that team get without LeBron?

Oh that's right 19 wins. This is a fact and we saw it as evidenced by the 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers season. Without LeBron noone wants to play there and waste their time. Its the LeBron factor, everyone wants to play with him and part of why having him as a franchise player is such a priveledge.

All of those players/management? They knew without LeBron that team wasn't doing shit so they all bolted and jumped ship. LeBron was the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2003 to 2010.
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