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Default 1v1 - Kobe Bryant v. Larry Bird

I'm a guy that loves hypotheticals and basketball. This isn't a question of who is the better overall player or who ranks higher in the GOAT discussion. This is simply about who you would think would win in a 1v1 match-up, assuming both were in their respective primes. Both Kobe and Bird are greats who excelled at different parts of the game and who played nearly two different styles of basketball.

First to 21pts (with two's equaling 1pt, three's equaling 2pts) | NBA Rules (hand-checking allowed but no unneccesary contact) | Referees | Half-Court

Kobe Bryant
25.4ppg | 5.3rpg | 4.7apg

Larry Bird
24.3ppg | 10.0rpg | 6.3apg

I'm gonna go with Kobe, mostly due to the fact that he is more of a 1v1 player and in my opinion, the second best 1v1 player ever after MJ.

Kobe has one of the most extensive offensive skill-sets of all time. Can easily change the way he wants to score, has a killer arsenal of head-fakes and impeccable footwork, has great range and can get to the basket, and has one of the most competitive natures our league has ever seen. He is also a really talented perimeter defender, and given the chance to guard Bird...I don't think he would do his traditional "sag-off". Bird while being a good ball-crook, was never really a celebrated defender. Decent, yes.

Sorry if this is a cheesy thread but I literally had nothing to talk about and figure it could generate some kind of discussion.

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