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Default Re: What do you realistically expect from Carmelo Anthony this season

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
Carmelo may be one of the shittiest superstar players of all time. He has the potential right there to be great, but just can't fvcking deliver. He's like an impotent John Holmes. A whole lotta huge, useless talent that's no good to anyone.

Nah. People just try to make him more than what he is. He isn't LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. He's not going to carry a team to a championship and it's unrealistic to place those kinda expectations on him. He's never missed the playoffs in his entire career. Went over 25 points on solid efficiency like 4 or 5 times. Keep in mind on teams that were actually post season bound, not like dude's been piling up stats on a team going nowhere. Made the WCF once.

Melo will score points. Probably do like 26\7\3 or around that like he usually does. Could shoot anywhere from 43% to 48% depending on how many jumpers he takes\how much he goes inside. Continues to be just as clutch as anybody in the league.

Will go as far his supporting cast supports him. Won't carry them past the 1st round but if NY is good enough he'll be a big part in them advancing like any All-Star\All-NBA caliber player would be.

Really what f*cked Melo was playing in the Western Conference at a time where if you won 50 games you ended up the 8th seed. That and inconsistency and having sub-par inefficient playoff series.
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