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Default Re: Who's game is the most aesthetically pleasing?

there are some guys i love watching, just because of the little subtelties of the game, that they consistently execute well, chris paul rubbing his defender off a screen to walk into the lane, duncan re- setting a screen a dozen times to get parkee a wide open jumpee. things like that are consistently enjoyable. id put the gasols, nash, varejao (his relentless defense is a joy to watch), andre miller, rubio, harden, they all fall into the same group.

then there are the more dramatic, traditionally exciting players, rose, kobe, bron, westbrook, durant, irving, melo. they can all go through slumps, missing shots, turnovers, whatever, but they all have the potential to make once off, unbelievable plays.

i guess with the first group, its more about the process, and the second is more about the final result.

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