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Default Re: 1v1 - Kobe Bryant v. Larry Bird

Originally Posted by nbaballllller
Are some of you guys joking or r u fken rtarded?

Kobe Bryant would kill Larry Bird lol

The game has evolved a whole lot since the 80's. And Kobe is a much better basketball player than Bird ever was.

If we were talking career and performance during their era then you could have a conversation...

But to think you could take Larry from his generation and compare him in 1v1 to Prime kobe of this generation you are out of your fken mind


Evolved a lot in what aspects? Evolution doesn't always mean better.

Better basketball player? Doubt it, Larry's the better shooter, passer, rebounder, team and post defender, and had higher intangibles. Kobe's the better scorer, perimeter m2m defender, that's it. Plus Larry had a better prime/peak and more impact.

Please... Larry can kill these guys (even with a f**ked up back), with tougher rules and real big men on the paint:

^^ Some of the greatest defensive players ever, some of the most athletical players ever, 7 footers,a dude that made all defensive team in the 00's, guys bigger than him, guys faster than him...
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