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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
You're crazy, he is top tier RB, only split because he is still coming off injury and they GOT STOMPED and couldn't run

I promise you he will get the bulk of the carries from here out and probably finish the year a top 5 FF RB
You're crazy if you think Spiller is a Top 5 RB at this stage.

Fred Jackson is a VERY good running back and he will get a lot of touches as long as he is healthy. Spiller also makes things tough for FJax owners, because they are likely to split touches as long as they are both healthy, but to act as though you are going to get the Spiller you did three weeks ago when FJax is also playing?

Crazy talk. Btw, FJax is also coming off of a pretty severe injury. He was rushed back onto the field, in fact... Probably a bit too soon.

You think FJax is heading to the bench next week?

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