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Default Re: Bo McCalebb (Euroleague's BEST PG) vs. Celtics Highlights 10-5-12

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Who am I, and everyone else here to believe? One delusional poster who everyone makes fun of and even has the monitor label as a "crazed troll" or the people giving out official Euroleague awards? Hmmmmm...let me think about that one.

You are a retard. You are claiming that Pargo was the second best PG in Euroleague, "at the least".

The problem is that Pargo was NEVER in the top 2 best point guards in Euroleague. NEVER.

That is why you are such a HUGE freaking idiot. Good god, Sergio Freaking Llull made all Euroleague second team once. This guy MIGHT be in the range of 50th - 60th best players in Euroleague, and that is probably being overly generous.

According to your deranged idiotic "logic", he must be one of the 10 best players in Euroleague. Gezzus freaking christ you are a moron.
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