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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

Originally Posted by Indian guy
Right. I think my combined knowledge on both players is probably more extensive than anyone else in here. LeBron is(or was from 04-10) ridiculously fast. His end-to-end speed amongst guys around his size(6'6-6'8) is probably 2nd to none in NBA history. Just check out this drive from last season - He basically goes coast-to-coast in less than 3 seconds.

LeBron has fantastic speed, especially when you factor in his size. But he'll never match Jordan's career accomplishments. In fact, it's difficult to make the case that LeBron is or ever will be better than Bird.

edit: Bird was the

-superior midrange shooter,

-superior 3 pt. shooter,

-superior free throw shooter,

-superior clutch shooter,

-superior overall field goal percentage,

-vastly superior rebounder,

-equal in steals per game, and

-just as good a passer if not better

-equal as a shot blocker.

LeBron is faster, jumps higher and is stronger. This grants him no edge in basketball ability, except in one on one defense, where LeBron has a definite edge. However, Bird had excellent anticipation and was very disruptive in playing the passing lanes. As stated, Bird and LeBron had similar totals in blocks.

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