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Default Re: who has the bigger upside---Pekovic or Kanter?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Kanter is going to be very solid throughout his career. I think Pekovic has more upside tho. I understand that Kanter has time on his side, but being younger doesn't mean he has more upside. I could see Pekovic having a season of 20PPG, even playing with Love. I imagine he'll be scoring 17 and up, with 10-11RPB. He's also just a very strong post presence.

I don't see Kanter being much of a scorer. Maybe he'll have some 15PPG seasons in his career, but I see him getting them off rebounds and in transition and the like. I don't see him being much of an offensive force. I've heard that he's a talented passer, tho I don't know.

They say he's running the floor for dunks. Playing the pick and roll. Exploding above the rim near the basket. Passing out of the post and hitting 18 footers all while not getting pushed around despite the weight loss. As I said last year I think he could be better than the people's choice of the second coming Favors. He showed improvement every game. He's a hard worker.

Pekovic's improvement will mostly come from more minutes at his age. Kanter's will come from increased time and experience.
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