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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Westbrook is a Top 8 player in the league and the best scorer/defender at his position. He shoots dumb shots, yet is still a Top 5 scorer on 47%, playing on the same team as the #1 scorer. If his IQ is low, Kobe's must be nonexistant with his 42% and multiple 6/25 type games. The pressure WB puts on defenses makes everyone's life easier. It's not like he can't play PG either, had 8APG first 2 years, then Brooks asked him to score more.

But yea I am sure 40 year old Nash that's barely Top 20 is better atm. Few extra assists are irrelevant when WB scores those assisted buckets himself. Then Nash's energy and defense completely turns the scales in WB's favor. Nash may be a better PG, but WB is the better player and more deadly to opposing defenses.
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