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Default Re: Teams that played more outside-inside and won a championship

Originally Posted by BlueandGold
So normally the philosophy is that you first establish the paint in order to establish good shots on the perimeter.. some times have had incredibly dominant wing/perimeter players however and have done the opposite.

Some teams that come in mind

80s Celtics with Bird

What? Their primary point guards were notoriously poor outside shooters. Only Ainge and Wedman could even shoot the 3.

Celtics didn't space the floor with jumpshooters. They spaced it with movement, picks, cuts, and Larry fucking Bird. Celtics' offense pounded the ball inside to the multiple players who could work down there. Bird made plays from the post. There was a lot of ball and player movement.

Oh and Chris Ford couldn't make a fucking 3 in the playoffs to save his life. Goddammit...

Anyway...just needed to clear it up because the Celtics were the opposite of perimeter oriented lol.
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