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I'd chop up the time frame a bit differently
3-60-72 (could cut it off around 69 too I guess)
Reasoning- 88-97 (especially the middle part of it around 90-95) had what was probably the largest number of true super stars in the league, and the distribution of talent was very even
similar to 88-97, but fewer true superstars, and the bottom 10-20% of the league is very very weak. However 80% of the league is probably more competitive then it has ever been. I don't remember teams like Phoenix or GS before they tanked ever being so far from the playoff race with a reasonable record.
Excluding the Celtics, the talent was pretty evenly distributed, and had plenty of top tier players.
Reasonably amounts of talent, but for the most part it was very unevenly distributed. Celtics, Lakers, 6ers and Pistons were the only teams with championship caliber for pretty much all the 80s.
No clue why, but there is a pretty clear drop in talent here.
ABA took away about half the NBA's all star caliber players, so it's clear why this era sucks.

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