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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I'm not saying Westbrook is CP3 or anything. Just saying the Thunder absolutely can win a title with Westbrook. His scoring mentality isn't going to hold them back and isn't what cost the team in the finals.

He's a good player and he plays with a lot of effort, those are good things.

The problems he has is that he's not a good pickn'roll player necause 1) he's not a 3 point threat and 2) low IQ for his position, and his overall passing ability/court vision is horrible, he often misses easy passes because he's hesitant and doesn't have creative vision in that part of the game.

Is he considered better than Deron Williams? I can't help but think OKC would be a better team with him.
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