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Default Re: Next Jacob Tucker?

Originally Posted by Peteballa
To keep this somewhat related and not a total shameless self promotion, and for discussion's sake, how many of you guys (the ISH posters) can dunk? And how tall / old are you? I'm a 5'10 white 17 year old so it's kind of unexpected when I do this sort of thing in a game.
Nicely done. I think I saw these clips in the Streetball section but dunking's something you should be proud of, so I've got no problem with you posting them again.

To answer the follow-up questions, I am 28 years old, 6'3'' and I can in fact dunk. I've heard of folks who dunk but don't feel a lot of satisfaction from doing so because they say it's so easy and routine to them... I'm definitely not one of those guys. I've been able to dunk since I was a 5'10'' 14-year old and it's a pretty comfortable action by now, but I still get just as much of a kick out of it these days as I did back then.

My dunking style is pretty conservative. In-game dunks are probably 80% one-hand, one-foot finishes. 10% are probably two-hands off one-foot. 5% are dunks off two-feet, and the last 5% are two-hands off one-foot with a Charles Barkley rim swing. I usually cannot come close to palming a ball, but it does not seem to have affected me too much. Though, with that said, the few times I have been able to palm a ball, I felt like Dr. J out there. Dunking was a lot easier with a palm, but less authoritative.

Anyhow, there's a .gif thread in the Streetball section, so here's my personal .gif from that spot:

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