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Default Re: Last Resort Discussion Thread: Plot discussion spoilers, etc

Watched episode 2. They really seem to just be laying seeds for a massive tangled web of plot points. I'm excited about that. I am excited about who knows what. Who did what and why, in the first episode you see the news report about Impeachment and all the officers standing trial... why? And what does that have to do with the Colorado?

But the plot thread I personally am most excited about is Captain Marcus Chaplin. Thus far he seems to be a serious force (played beautifully by Braugher. It's good to see him back, I always felt like he had potential if he landed the right role). His actions always end up making sense for the good of those around him.

But you see a hint of megalomania. A hint of maybe him beginning down a dangerous path. I will be excited to see what his character does. How he develops, and what decisions he'll make.
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