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Default Shaq VS Wilt- Top 7 Competition, amount of games played

The amount of games Wilt and Shaq faced there top 7 piers (big WHOOPS if I missed someone...all thenumbers are off the top of my head...the are deff right except for reed...I might be like 4 to 5 games off TOPS...possibly the with same with Thurmond)


Russell- 142

Bellamy- 108

reed 74

Nate- 64

Kareem- 28

unseld- 20

Lanier 16

Totat= 452


Duncan 62

Robinson- 40


Hakeem- 28

Ewing- 26

Ming 18

Mourning 16

Total Games= 219

Wilt played more than twice the amount of games against his top 7 piers than shaq

Does this mean anything?

How would shaq have done facing his piers 452 times? Or wilts

How would Wilt of done facing his piers 221, or shaqs 452 times?

I like how the smartest player each of them ever faced was the one they went up against the most

(Wilt said Red Kerr was the smartest but I'm talking smarts/skill wise...not that Kerr was a bum)

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