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Default Re: Y'all know the Vikes are gonna make the playoffs right?

Originally Posted by stallionaire
4-1 Vikings

Schedule has us poised to go 8-1 til we hit the divisional wall. Bears, Packers, Texans, then Rams.

You're assuming that the vikings are going to beat the Seahawks and the Cardinals? I'm not saying it's that much of a stretch, but it's a pretty dumb assumption. I could also realistically see the Vikings losing their last 7 games.

Green Bay
St. Louis
Green Bay

That is a very tough schedule to end on. So unless the Vikings do go 8-1 (which I doubt they will), I still don't like their chances to get a wildcard (Bears are going to win the NFC North).

I don't think it's wrong to be happy with the season that the Vikings are having, but be realistic about it.
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