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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Originally Posted by Money 23
Not exclusively, but it can be indicative of a PG's actual duties. Which is to control tempo, and the offense. Being the quarterback, and making sure the right weapons get the ball at the right time to get them going. APG is usually a byproduct of quality PG play.

And Westbrook plays with an ELITE offensive weapon. Maybe the best pure shooter / scorer in the league at the point right alongside Melo.

And considering we all know Westrbook's penetration abilities, for him not to have above 5 or 6 dimes a game playing alongside shooters and scorers the caliber of Durant and Harden ... is pretty disappointing.

You don't agree?

I'd rather be seeing Westrbook AS POINT GUARD hovering between 18 - 20 ppg, while giving 8 - 10 apg and better / more consistent effort on defense.

With Durant and Harden on the team, there is no need for Westrbook to have to score 24 - 28 ppg a night. He scores that much because that's his true mentality. He wants to score, you can see it on his body language and expression. And at times he can become a selfish black hole at the team's expense of better natural scorers like Durant.

Durant gets the same amount of ISOs as has the past 3 seasons, no more ... no less. Harden gets more, but usually he gets the ISO time when he's running with the bench. When he's with the starters, he's in the system.

You do realize this, yes?

You do know that after Durant and Harden no one on the Thunder can actually score right? Harden's scoring is vastly overrated, if Westbrook turns into a sub 20 point 10 assist type of PG the Thunder become very predictable to defend. Thunder are at their best when Westbrook is scoring, he just needs to learn to ease back on the pedal instead of going 200 miles an hour all the time.
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