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Default Re: Who's better?: Nets vs Clipper?

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
Who has what expectations exactly?
I wasn't aware a casual fan or two in ISH spoke for all fans and their expectations.

Me... 45-50 wins, 1st or 2nd round exit.

Yours for LA are what?

2nd round exit at worst, pretty good shot for WCF for the Clippers. 45-50 wins would give the Nets a top 3 turnaround in win differential in NBA history last I checked along with Kidd's Nets and Nash's Suns. Bottom line is... winning 40 (which is playoffs in east usually) would be a great improvement for the Nets. Lopez and Humphries don't seem to have good synergy at all and we have to see if Joe bounces back because he's been a no show when it counts the last few seasons.
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