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Default Re: Predict the standings in the West

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
So if they Lakers don't win the west, it's not considered a disappointment?

If they majority of people think OKC will win the west then are they the favorites to represent the west in the finals?

So if the Lakers fail to even make it to the Finals is it a disappointment?

genuinely curious to get some opinions on this.

I assume the team people pick to win a conference is the team they think has the best chance to make it to the finals from that conference, but i feel like ISH will crash if the Lakers don't even make the finals. Am i wrong to think that?

Once, the Lakers got dwight & nash all i heard about was how stacked this team was and how Kobe "sucks" if they dont win it all.

So i guess im pretty suprised to see people picking OKC to finish 1 in the west, which i'm assuming mean those same people belive OKC are the favorite to come out of the west this year.

This is people picking best record not who they think will win the west...
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