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Originally Posted by Skywalker

I know.

Happy to say I bought that All Silver Liga Portugesa team and it is absolutely amazing.

Diego Barcellos-Eder-Targino
Hugo Leal-Andre Martins- Ruben Micael
Leandro Salino-Rojo-Paulo Vinicius-Melgarejo

Chemistry is 96 and it's a 3 and half star team overall rating 72. Most of the teams I've played so far have been 79 all gold teams and I've been beating them pretty easily.

I have 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 games and that 1 draw the kid tied it with a lucky goal in the 89th minute.

Melgarejo and Salino really make the team unique because they both have good pace and passing.

But the real stars of the team are Barcellos Targino and Eder up front. Especially Eder. The guy is a great finisher and header. He has 5 goals in only 4 games for me because I sat him 1 game. Leads the team in goals so far.
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