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Default Re: NBA releases flopping defining vid with actual game footage.

Originally Posted by Salazaar
That was a pretty heavy shot with an arm he got right there, and it was completely unexpected. It wasn't a flop IMO, take a closer look at the gif/video.. It looks weird, as it was unexpected, but no flop, maybe a LITTLE exageration that the guy in the video said was not gonna be penalized. Just faking the foul/contact, which is not the case here, so give the guy a break.

I watched it live. It was pathetic..
There was no need for a flail and fall over. It's the same amount of contact anyone getting hit on a screen would recieve. He felt it, stopped, then overreacted..
I'm not saying bronzey flops all the time, he's no Blake griffin, but the times he does are shameless...
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