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Default Re: Predict the standings in the West

1. LAL - 65 wins
Too good to get less than the best record and the title.

2. OKC - 60 wins
Assumes they keep Harden and get the extension headache resolved

3. LAC - 53 wins
Love the bench additions.. assuming LO shapes up as they need him

4. SAS - 52 wins
Their demise has to start sooner or later, right?

5. MEM - 50 wins
I don't think the loss of Mayo hurts much

6. DEN - 48 wins
The win totals seem low, esp. for them, but the West is sooo deep.

7. MIN - 44 wins
The biggest wildcard in the West

8. DAL - 44 wins
The decline of Dirk seems to have started.. at least in the regular season

It's not as though they got worse, other teams just got/stayed better

10. GSW
Their two best players are their two most injury prone at PG and C no less.

11. SAC
My sleeper of sorts. They have to pull it together soon or later, right?

Hard to see a rookie PG and C helping this team to the playoffs.

13. PHO
Interesting line-up but missing a SG and better depth.

14. NOH
Check back in a few years

15. HOU
Ummm..... yeah.
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