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Default Re: D-Wade To Li-Ning


Not the shoe design or colorway, just the study that a big name player (with fanboys) signs with a small brand in the shoe market. Makes for interesting reactions on sneakerheads, fanboys, haters alike.


1. JB heads are universally crucifying the shoe, listing several references (valid or not) as to why Wade should have stayed. Most hilarious I've heard is how Fila (a non-Nike Brand) destroyed Grant Hill's career and will somehow equate to wade destroying his own. There's usually a little story about someone named Penny Hardaway that leads to a lot of discussion afterwards

2. Wade fans (the real ones) are accepting the shoe for what they are. Not sure if this is player fanboy talk (similar to brand fanboy talk in #1), but most positive reactions are short and rather general. "Looks clean" or "Nice style" but no in depth explanation as to why to shoe is impressive.

I agree that Li-Ning should've made a bigger splash than this. But seeing how shoes usually take at least a year from the drawing board to an actual sample, I think they just didn't have enough time. I was actually impressed at how quickly they got a pair to Dwade. Not sure if shoe contracts allow players to speak with other companies during renegotiation talks.

Seeing the garish designs Li-Ning gave to Evan Turner for the turningpoint (Emperor's Robe and Porcelain Vase) and Caleron's ridiculous camo kicks, I'm sure they'll come up with something nice for Dwade. Personally I'd like him temporarily on the Villain line since it fits his, or the Heat's persona, perfectly.

Btw last Sunday I played with a friend who rocks a black BD doom and they look quite similar.
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