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Default Re: Predict the standings in the West

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I actually like your list Charles. Most fair, logical one I've seen so far. No I'm not saying this cause you have Clippers 3rd but rather because of your 5-8 spots I agree with.
Yeah.. those spots are tough as is the last spot.. can't tell who is worse.

But I have to admit I like the Clippers off-season. Very aggressive even if they didn't have to be as you can expect continued growth from Griffin and Jordan.

However, I think they need a definitive upgrade at SG/SF to be considered a contender or up there with OKC and LAL. They have a lot of nice pieces, but they are somewhat flawed.. either old (Billups/Hill), small (Billups/JC), don't play defense (JC) or just very average (JC/Butler). And like I mentioned LO is key. They need him in shape and mentally checked-in as they need his depth up front and experience. If he doesn't show up, then they need to get rid of him and find another big man to add to the rotation.

What's up with K-Mart btw? He seems like he could still have a role.
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