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Default Re: Predict the standings in the West

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Not at all. How many times in the last decade did Mavs and Suns have best regular season record? Nobody expected them to beat Spurs or Lakers come deep playoffs. Not many expected Cavs to beat the Celtics either when they had best regular season record.

Ok yeah, but those same people predicting the mavs & the suns to win the conference weren't predicting them to lose anytime before the finals.

I realize that the #1 seed doesn't always make it to the finals..

But when you're making pre season PREDICTIONS on who will have the best record in the conference that's usually an indication of who you think has the best shot at making the finals and who you PREDICT/EXPECT to represent the conference in the finals.

Is it not?

So what your saying is that all these people picking okc to finish 1st in the west, don't believe that okc has the best shot at making the finals out of the west?

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