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Default Re: Colts fans how is Vontae Davis playing?

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
I hope Vontae plays very well. I like the kid even if he isn't the brightest or most driven guy. Seems like a good dude.

I felt real bad when they traded him on Hard Knocks.

"I need to call my grammma."

There was a time I thought he and Smith could have been one of the best shutdown duos in the league.
They would of been one of the better duos in the league but as of right now the trade wasn't really bad at all for the phins sean smith has been playing a lot better than davis from what I've seen on rewind especially considering the match ups smith has faced in comparison to vontae but I really didn't think vontae was all that he has been overrated by the media in the past. Right now he's probably just in a drought from miami he can still get better but has to stay healthy I like the way he talks too lol.
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