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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Clutch
I looked at our schedule and decided to make a list of all afternoon games we'll play.

Sunday , Nov. 4 - vs 76ers 12:00 PM
Sunday , Nov. 18 - vs Pacers 12:00 PM
Sunday , Nov. 25 - vs Pistons 12:00 PM
Sunday , Dec. 2 - vs Suns 12:00 PM
Sunday , Dec. 23 - vs Wolves 5:00 PM
Tuesday , Dec.25 - @ Lakers 3:00 PM on ABC
Sunday , Jan. 11 - vs Hornets 12:00 PM
Monday , Jan. 21 - vs Nets 3:30 PM on NBA TV
Sunday , Feb. 10 - vs Clippers 1:00 PM on ABC
Sunday , Mar. 3 - vs Heat 1:00 PM on ABC
Sunday , Mar. 17 - @ Clippers 3:30 PM on ABC
Sunday , Apr. 7 - @ Thunder 1:00 PM on ABC
Sunday , Apr. 14 - vs Pacers 3:30 PM

So we have 13 games,10 of them will be played at MSG. I especially look forward towards those games because for those who live in Europe it's the opportunity to watch basketball in normal time (around 6-7 PM,all other games are around 1-2 AM which is pretty late).
Also some of the Knicks best wins last season came in the afternoon games (Celtics on Christmas,Bulls where Melo hit those threes,Mavs...).

I didn't know where to put this so I decided to put it in this thread. Hopefully it will be helpful to some other European Knicks fans.
I assume Jasi loves these afternoon games.

I don't mind Sunday afternoon games, but they are almost always sloppy and sluggish coming out of the gate.
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