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Default Re: Lakers preseason games

Lets not get carried away with the coaching on a preseason game. Not to mention, the first preseason game.

Not one coach is dumb enough to play starters more than 25 minutes in a game. The point of preseason is to a) get the players in rhythm, b) for the coaching staff to figure out which players work better with who, c) for the coaching staff to test their systems with the players.

a 35-0 run in a preseason game? Great. Nobody cares. I doubt they try to win a meaningless game and risk injuring our starters, who have an average age of 30+ years old by the way, all so they can please a crowd. This can happen in the season when the games actually count for something.

Lets look at some of the positives. I was only able to watch highlights because Time Warner screwed us all over. Nash had 2 good plays in the highlights that shows us all exactly what we can expect from Steve Nash. A pass between the legs to a crappy center who still made the shot. Nash also got a great pick from Pau to hit the open three pointer. Beautiful. When no offense is working by coach brown, leave it to Nash and Kobe. While we're on the subject by the way, Kobe looked fantastic. He still has his athleticism. He made that nice shot off balance. He can survive one more season as vintage Kobe Bryant.

This all puts me at ease. Knowing Dwight will be back soon, and the rotation will tighten up. This is gonna be a season to watch. Damn you Time Warner Cable....Damn you...
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