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Default Re: NBA releases flopping defining vid with actual game footage.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic

Watch it again, and watch JVG go off with "what kind of league are we becoming".

That's not a moving pick either. He wasn't shuffling around for position.

Since when are JVG's opinions respectable? They're ludicrous most of the time, actually.

Originally Posted by coin24
Ever actually played sport?
Boxing out, screens etc you will cop a hit.. That was a small one on Lebron, and he flopped hard after it for the call..
Why defend it so hard??

Actually, my whole life.
I'm just trying to say that this situation shouldn't be put in the video as an example of flopping, as you all suggest. There's no question it was a foul on Chandler and Lebron kind of exaggerated, but as explained in the vid, flopping only occurs when a player is trying to fake contact and trick the officials into calling a foul that didn't happen. But when the foul really takes place and the fouled player exaggerates the contact, it's not considered a flop by the league.

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