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Default Re: NBA releases flopping defining vid with actual game footage.

Originally Posted by lakerspng
Sorry. it was a terrible flop. He takes the contact from Chandler, and then decides to put on his show. Guys in the post bump each other harder than that constantly.. it's called maintaining/fighting for position. I absolutely hate that people have stooped to "selling contact" rather than just fighting to play good defense. so sad.

Don't you really see the difference between a situation when 2 players are engaged in a physical battle for position in the post and a situation when a player is running and suddenly takes a hard, UNEXPECTED hit from behind to his neck, with an elbow/forearm/whatever it was and is then grounded by the rest of Chandler's body? Sure, LBJ is strong as phuck but every human is extremely vulnerable to such hits when they don't expect it.
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