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Played a game today with my silver squad against an all gold team.

I'm losing 4-1 going into the second half when I come to the sudden realization that Targino is so much faster then his right back.

I abuse Targino and tie the game at 4-4.

Mind you this is an online season and I'm 3 points away from winning the chip.

So were in the 88th minute and my opponent brings the ball in the box and begins to shoot.

I move my CB in and slide tackle him and commit a foul in the penalty box......but his shot still goes in anyway.

BUT they dont count the goal. They make him take the pentalty instead so its still 4-4.

He misses the PK and I take the ball back up the field and score a goal in the 90th minute. 5-4.

They give my opponent one more possesion and he ****in ties the game.

We were both pretty frustrated.
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