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Default Re: Raptors first preseason game in 10 minutes!!!

I actually got to see this game cuz it was on NBATV. I was very disappointed that Lowry/Val won't be available for who knows how long. My personal assessment of the relevant players from tonights game.

Bargs - I didn't see him using any of that added size of his with the exception of one back down move early in the game. And in looking at him I question how much of that 15lbs was lean muscle. Really perimeter oriented game.

Jose - Had an injury scare in the 3rd quarter but more of the same from him. An efficient game. 50% shooting, 8 assists, 1 TO.

Landry Fields - Didn't get much burn, had a couple impressive plays but for the most part wasn't really involved.

Ed Davis - Got a few too many cheap fouls, didn't provide much offensively (but the way it's looking he may never be more than an alley-oop/put back guy on the offensive end) had a good tough game in the paint and on the glass.

Alan Anderson - Why in the hell is he so trigger happy? Every time he took a shot I cringed.

Demar Derozan - In terms of skillset it didn't look much different from the product we see year after year, but I guess the positive I will say is that he did get to the line 9 times and spent a good amount of time in the paint and on the boards.

John Lucas - pretty much put on a shooting clinic. Surprising because he hasn't historically been that great of a shooter in the NBA.

Terrance Ross - he was pretty passive in tonights game but his jumper looks smooth. I think he needs to be more aggressive and look for his shot some more. But then again, with the way the system is, I think that Casey is gonna tell him to focus more on defense and ball movement.

Amir Johnson - Same Amir Johnson we will always see. Hustling, catching alley oops, grabbing boards, working hard, can't hate on that.

Kleiza - Nonfactor tonight for the most part.
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