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Default Re: Preparation for High School Ball

Wow Rake, I can't thank you enough taking the time to type all that just for a stranger over the internet. You're the man bro.

One thing I just realized was how being mentally tough and physically tough go hand in hand. Last weekend I just had a tournament and the first game I had to sit out the entire second quarter cause somebody busted my nose up with an elbow. The funny thing is something like that happens almost every game to me it's just that all the other times no blood was drawn so I just had to play through it. I mean it's not like I was scared to play physical, more of scared to seem like a dick to my opponents or the parents watching up in the stands. Like after a hard foul I would always help the guy up and I even used to have a habit of apologizing to me. But as the second half started both teams were playing man and my coach told me something that surprised me: "If he's going to body you up like that then elbow the shit out of him, bloody his lip or something". Something sparked inside me and I felt like I could play the game with more freedom. I wasn't exactly say in the zone, I missed a couple of spot-up 3's I normally hit but down low in the paint me and my man were going at it like we were worst enemies. But after the game was over( we lost by 2) and we were shaking hands me with my busted nose and a couple of other scrapes/bruises and him who probably got kneed in the thighs and took a crapload of forearms courtesy of me acted like nothing happened and turns out he's a real nice guy off the court.
I'm still working on it but I realized if i ever want to play at a higher level I can't be a nice guy once I step on the court.
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