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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

False. Jordan is not a demigod, but he is the GOAT.

You also forgot to mention that Jordan had a p--- poor squad with a deer in the headlights Pippen, Cartwright who was about as effective as roadkill, and basically a ton of middle tier role players.

MJ was playing against stacked Pistons, Celtics and Sixers squads while LeBron was "contending" against an absurdly non competitive Eastern Conference. Not to mention the fact that Jordan was subject to "Jordan Rules," meaning he was clotheslined and tackled by every frontline player and grabbed around the neck and face by the guards on the pistons.

There is absolutely no resemblance between the EC of the NBA then and now, either in terms of the competition or in terms of the physicality of the defenses played.


Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock
What is with this absurd notion on the part of MJ fans that he was some demigod who no player can even be compared to? If Lebron gets to 4-5 rings the conversation will begin just as it did when Jordan won his third, even though practically every other GOAT candidate had as many or more rings.

At age 27 Jordan had reached 1 NBA finals, 3 ECF's, won 1 championship and 2 MVP's. Jordan recorded three consecutive losing seasons to open his career, went 1-9 in the playoffs during that time. MJ didn't get out the first round until his fourth season, didn't reach the ECF until his fifth and the NBA finals until his 7th year.

At age 27 Lebron has reached 2 NBA finals, 3 ECF's, won 2 championships and 3 MVP's. Lebron has only had one losing record in his career (Jordan had 5 losing seasons--far more than any GOAT candidate), his rookie year when he was 19 and that was on a team that won 17 games the previous year. He lifted them 18 games (Jordan's team only improved from 27 to 38 wins as a rookie, easily the smallest improvement of any GOAT candidate) as a 19 year old rookie. He reached the second round in his third season and the NBA finals in his fourth.
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