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Default Re: Harrison twins commit to John Calipari and Kentucky

Originally Posted by ukfan22
I'm not being naive.

Certainly they're not talking molecular biology or anything, but they go to class and do what they're supposed to do.

Unless you're implying some sort of university-sanctioned academic fraud, in which case I think you have us confused with a school that wears a lighter shade of blue.
Pretty much every big 6 program commits de facto academic fraud. I know of (granted, hearsay) specific cases at my beloved Purdue. A school with, no offense, much more to lose in academic integrity than gain in athletic reputation when compared to UK.

I have no doubt that UK players go to a specific room at a certain time of the week. I suppose we can call that a "class." Again, this happens at EVERY major program.

This is why I want the NCAA to end. Institutions of higher learning are the least ideal place for minor league sports a person could ever imagine. It undermines them both and it should embarrass the universities.
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