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Default Re: NBA 2k13 - Quick & Easy VC

Whelp, you don't need to stare at the screen while you do this.

I'm on my computer doing the normal shit I would be doing while I have the controller against my stomach in one hand pressing buttons when I need to. The pace slows down a little, but after awhile it's like driving to work -- you don't even notice you are doing it and suddenly you are there. When I need a break I just throw on a coach mode game.

I've been collecting and then adding to my guy every 10k-ish (so about every 45-60 minutes). Finally got my rookie to a respectable 74 overall. I did the math and I need 11,490 more VC to get where I want to be in terms of attributes. That's 11,490 total for the rest of my career. After that, I don't really care much to make a super player.

Although still have to buy those skills. I just read through all of them and the only one I really want is the one where you improve your shot making on contacted layups and dunks. I want to purchase level one of that and then I'll finally start playing with my rook.

Also animations. I already bought what I wanted in that except for dunk packages. Then I guess the miscellaneous crap like a suit.

Oh, another risky way of getting VC is buying the gold pack for My Team in the market. It costs 1500, but you could potentially get a player worth 10 or 15k+. Then you resell that guy and you made out big.

Of course if you're unlucky like me, you will get crap not even worth what you spent. I bought two packs equalling 3k VC. The total value of what I received back was about 500.

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