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Default Re: Week 5 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
ya, kerrigan's way up there too. that 2011 defensive draft class is nuts. i like all those guys too...i just think watt has the highest ceiling of them all.

oh yea forgot about Kerrigan. He's solid too.

So far, Watt has the DPOY award on lock. He's only 23 and is already one of the premier defensive linemen in the game, but what really strikes out at me is he's this disruptive (and athletic) as a 3-4 lineman (doesnt he play interior?) and close to 300 lbs. Thats crazy to even think about...

Upside though I'll go JPP just for how little football experience he has as well as age (22).

But Watt essentially stuffed the Jets offense BY Kid is already a problem in this league.
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