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Default Re: Do some people really think Larry Bird couldn't dominate like he did, in this era?

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
If he's such a great defender, why did Mchale have to guard the better scoring forward regardless of position? That's because the coach feels he's a bad defender.

Bet you've never saw a Celtics game from back then and you're just talking out your a**.

First of all McHale guarded the better scoring forward since 1986 when he got into the starting lineup, and this was not all the time. Reason?

First of all they wanted to spare their main offensive weapon. Harper guarded the best scoring guard many times, does that make Jordan a bad defender? Or when Pip was switched off to Magic, does that make Jordan a bad defender? Or when Battier was guarding Durant instead of LeBron? Does that make LeBron a bad defender?

Bird already had back issues.

And did you read my post
Not at all. Bird had tremendous defensive impact, his team's success (college, NBA) wasn't just because of his amazing offense.
What give LeBron the edge defensively if his athleticism, Bird was one of the GOAT team defenders, good post defender could hold his own m2m on the perimeter but his lateral quickness was average, he couldn't shut guys down on the perimeter.

Defense is not always about shutting guys down on the perimeter though. McHale was put on some guys because he had great length to bother them and such.
Plus it was better for the Celtics to have Bird roaming around playing great team D.
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