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Default Re: eal Signature moves: Charles Barkley the Gorilla Dunk!

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
I do go by what Barkley says, and unlike you I don't take quotes from his book out of context:

Chick Hearn: "Actually your not even 6-5!"

Barkley: "I'm almost 6-5" ..."I'm 6-4 and 3/4"

which is exactly what me and RoundMound have been saying... Chuck isn't 6-4 unless you have a bad habit of rounding down 3/4 of an inch... In his book if he does say 6-4 and doesn't include the fraction than I'm sure he means 6-4 the same way Bill Russell meant 6-9 (Bill was actually 6-9 and 5/8ths... closer to 6-10 - but he considers himself "6-9" because he wasn't quite 6-10 despite the counter intuitive rounding)

FFS we need math here?....6' 4 3/4"? one says I'm 6 ' 4 3/4"

even if he is 6' 4 3/4".....he would say 6' 4"....
recap: we all understand ...he is 6' 4 3/4" (or possibly slightly less...but 6' 4" seems about close enough)
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