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Default Re: eal Signature moves: Charles Barkley the Gorilla Dunk!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
- I wouldn't take too much stock into the Mugshot...those cameras are not accurate...and easily could have been taken from the camera bieng mounted lower ( looking up)..rather then level ( as it is mounted to take photo's of the average hieght)...

- I would just go off of what Barkley himself says...."no taller then 6'4" "
Righto, I do not take much stock in that photo, as I mentioned in my initial post. However, I did believe there is not a very high chance the mugshot camera would be off by 4 inches. I thought it made more sense to go off the official Olympic listing of 6'4'' and 3/4, which most would round up to 6'5''. Slap on some shoes and he earns a 6'6'' height in the manner with how most media guides list players. I also think photos of him standing next to other players can be a helpful tool, hence the Jordan/Barkley shot (and the Jordan/Payton shot).

In truth, as many teams and leagues have measured via shoe height over the years, there's always going to be mass confusion over how tall a player really is and what it means in comparison to his contemporaries. It seems like every single player is eligible these days to play the "Amazing, since he was really only ______ tall" card. If we can take an inch away from every player, it all remains the same. Barkley was 6'4'' and 3/4, but I'm sure many of his 6'10'' or 7'0'' opponents were really actually an inch or two shorter than that themselves. As such, a listed 6'6'' Barkley battling a listed 6'10'' forward is just as impressive as a real heighted 6'4'' Barkley battling a real-heighted 6'8'' forward.

Point being, it seems much more likely that undersized players tend to benefit from the "He's even shorter than he's listed, which makes him more amazing" argument when in fact there are many, many players in the same boat.

Also, 6'4'' and 3/4 would never make a player eligible be labeled 6'3''. Again, at 6'2'' and 3/4 barefoot, I can very rarely claim 6'2'' (when I feel like deceivingly impressing someone) but it'd be way off the mark to ever try to claim 6'1''.

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