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Default Re: Week 6 Game Thread and Discussion

I'd like to see what some people here think about the Lions so far this year. Here is my analysis, tell me if you agree/disagree.

Are the Lions a serious playoff contender this year? No.
Do the Lions have some serious problems they need to address to be a successful football team in the future? Most definitely.
Are the Lions underachieving. Yes.
Are the Lions a fraudulent football team? No.

I am still baffled that people call last years season a fluke. Sure they won some miracle comeback games (Cowboys and Vikings come to immediate mind), and sure they didn't beat many great teams, but they also didn't lose to a bad team.

On to this year. The Lions have been struggling mightily against Defenses that are keying in on Calvin. They're dropping their safeties back incredibly far, discouraging the deep ball, which was a staple of the Lions offense from last year. They haven't been able to respond to this threat because they are under utilizing Titus Young and Tony Scheffler. They could also use there rbs as options in the passing game a little more frequently if you ask me. Drops and special teams have been the turning points in two games this year, as the Lions certainly should have beaten both the Titans as well as the Vikings. If those two games aren't lost through stupidly bad special teams play, and a little more efficient offense, then the Lions are sitting pretty at 3-1. 2 close games have caused the media, and a lot of Lions fans to start bashing the franchise, and calling last years season a fluke. How many people would be complaining if the Lions were 3-1 with their only loss coming from a very formidable 49ers team? Probably very few people.

With all that said, yes the Lions are a struggling team that is in very bad shape to make the playoffs, but that does NOT mean the Lions are a bad team. I feel very encouraged that they are going to emerge out of their bye week and play their best football of 2012.
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