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Default Re: Toronto basketball media needs a good enima....

Originally Posted by Jballer
So after an entire summer of complete non coverage...

Suddenly we are bombarded with nice soft management friendly issues about how Barges gained 15 pounds of muscle, how John Lucas 3 is still "learning", how we should get to know Terrence Ross....

Seriously ???????

What about a position by position comparison to other teams in the Atlantic division ?

How about the comparable stats Barges should make (projected) in RBs and assists this season playing most at the 4 rotating to the 5 ? What would "that german fellow Dirk in Dallas put up "?

Give me some projected minutes per player at games 1 , 40, and 82.

I mean the Star / Sun and Globe and Mail are disintested enough in basektball to bury articles on Page 4 in the sports pages.... but ....

Gawd ....

The Toronto media coverage sops of licking management boots with nice bio pieces and no real basketball intellegence.

Maybe thats what you get in a city that has:
40 year drought in Stanley Cups...
Longest ever loosing streak to begin a season in Major League Soccer.
A baseball playoff dorught since 1993
Last Canadian Football championship just after Moses was born...

Of course all of these teams now owned or co-owned by "the unified front mega corporation for the peoples disinformation of sporting enjoyment" or Bell/Rogers

Soft stories... optimism... its almost like it's the pre-season!

You know what doesn't sell papers? Projected minutes per game, projected numbers, comparables. Outside of maybe one or two papers, I bet you'd be hard pressed to find ANY newspaper that publishes that sort of info. It's a big time ZZZZ for the common b-ball fan.

"Last Canadian Football championship just after Moses was born..."

Moses was born in 2004? I wonder if he does autographs....
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