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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
looking great man, really big difference

everything looks solid. just remember to keep your form nice and tight until you actually shoot it.

you do a little hop forward, when your legs are gone you might notice your shot will start going short. try to go straight up and down. not a big deal tho, you have all the elements of a great shot in the future otherwise

This is exactly true, and I notice that sometimes when I shoot free throws I lean forward after the shot and lose balance, making me take a step forward. I know that this has been an issue of mine but I honestly have no idea how to stop it. It seems that no matter which way I jump I land ahead of where I jumped from. This even happens when I try it without the ball. I try jumping straight up while going through the shooting motion and looking at my feet, and it seems like no matter what I do I end up hopping forward. Can you give me any tips on exactly how I can condition myself to go straight up and down? This has been one of the things that I just couldn't eliminate and have forgotten about.
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