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Default Re: Week 6 Game Thread and Discussion

Oakland plays at Atlanta so I expect a humiliating ass kicking that makes me further pine for last years coaching staff.

I think the Colts beat the Jets leading to Tebow taking over the starting job for next week.

Ravens will beat the Cowboys thanks to a key boneheaded play from the boys to win a close game.

Jamaal Charles runs for 150 plus yards, but Tampa wins a close low scoring game over the Chiefs. Chiefs fans cheer another injury on the team, but are saddened they couldn't do it on the home field.

Steelers beat up and blow out the Titans with the stadium having more Steelers fans than Titans fans at the start.

Rams will beat the Dolphins 2-0 in an ugly game that makes people in the US finally pine for the high scoring game of Euro football (soccer).

The Eagles beat Detroit 38-35. Vick has 3 fumbles negated because the Detroit defense looks to set a record for personal fouls.

Bengals over Browns. People yawn.

Patriots blow out Seattle 31-13 thanks to steady play from Brady and 2 int's from Wilson. Game will be closer than the final score.

Bills make it look like Kolb has the spirit of Kurt Warner as the Cards win 48-17. Fan comes out of the stands and runs for 100 plus yards against Bills defense. Bills fire entire defense at the end of the game and make calls to the 1985 retired Bears defensive players.

Vikings continue their winning ways and win a workman like game against the Skins 24-13.

Giants realize it is too early in the season to play consistent football and lose to the 49ers 27-20.

Packers lose to Houston 31-24 as Houston runs for 200 plus yards and convert key turnovers into scores.

Denver vs San Diego. Key battle in the quest not to win the west. Denver wins a shootout 38-34. Rest of the AFC begins to grumble again at the possibility of someone winning the division with an 8-8 record.
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