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Post NBA 2K13 Online Association (PS3)

Draft October 28, 6 ET

Just post in here and telling me your PSN, what team you want and your preferred settings (difficulty, season length, quarter length) Hoping to start some time around the end of the month.

Teams so far:

Team: ISH Username (PSN ID)

Atlanta Hawks: J_Rock3ts (WittyTalent9)
Boston Celtics: Dwade305 (lpbringdaheat305)
Brooklyn Nets: k0kakw0rld (MrTrueNetwork)
Charlotte Bobcats: $LakerGold (MysticPeak)
Chicago Bulls:
Cleveland Cavaliers: miggyme_1 (Yung_Miggs)
Dallas Mavericks: LockoutOver11 (apolaya9109)
Denver Nuggets: fpliii (fpliii)
Detroit Pistons: EricGordon23 (EricGordonLAC)
Golden State Warriors: (scat_brennan)
Houston Rockets: ace23 (fli3333)
Indiana Pacers: Clippersfan86 (Clippersfan1986)
LA Clippers: MasterDurant24 (rj352k8)
LA Lakers: MJ(Mean John) (meanjohn)
Memphis Grizzlies; code green (jhajj3)
Miami Heat: EnoughSaid (Enough_Said)
Milwaukee Bucks:
Minnesota Timberwolves: stallionaire (Khadeez)
New Orleans Hornets: d.bball.guy (miggymouseftw)
New York Knicks: Kato (BobbyHillSwag)
Oklahoma City Thunder: JerrySteakhouse (DwyaneWade3MVP)
Orlando Magic: peejay89 (ptothaj)
Philadelphia Sixers: LongLiveTheKing (TheExpertise_1)
Phoenix Suns: bumpyknucks (ladysmitty)
Portland Trail Blazers: TheeBeast (Madman281)
Sacramento Kings: DirkNowitzki41 (Swish4182)
San Antonio Spurs: mastropiero007 (mastropiero007)
Toronto Raptors: Bcogswell (Bcogswell)
Utah Jazz: D12 Magic (xile44)
Washington Wizards: (romatotti15)

Disconnect rules

Leader receives W if he is up:

20 or more in the 1st quarter
15 or more in the 2nd or 3rd quarter
10 or more in the 4th

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