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Default Re: Premiere League 2012-2013 season application thread

Originally Posted by GP_20
Oh its Fatman. I'm not surprised you're making a post like this. You think I have forgotten how the last 3 leagues we were in went like?

WIF League: Statman Loses, Glove wins the league championship
NCAA Pick-Em: Statman Loses, Glove wins the league championship
ISH Poker Tournament: Statman Loses, Glove wins the league championship

That's right, not only did I beat Statman in each of our last 3 leagues, but I went on and won the championship in each of the 3 leagues.

Statman, you are nothing but a big fat bit*ch that I step on my way to the top.

Since when is placing 1st (if you did) in the WIF League, NCAA Pick-Em and ISH Poker Tournament something to be proud of?

I'm confused at those being the most recent things that we have matched up in.

1. I know I won the Ultimate ISH Fantasy League you started but that later you "supposedly" quit after people vetoed deals.

2. I know I was in a Premier Basketball League with you in which I finished 6th, you finished 10th and I beat you both times I faced you.

3. I know I was in a Premier Baseball League with you in which I finished 5th and you finished 8th.

What do these all have in common?? They were fantasy leagues, not Pokemon tournaments. Your act grew old a long time ago. I shut you down, exposed you for the clown that you are. At one point, I had your phone number, ISH accounts, address, school id, etc. Yet you want to come at ME?..... I would think you would be a bit smarter than that.

You can claim you are the G.O.A.T, make excuses for losing leagues (including resting your guys for the playoffs). The few that find humor in trolls might egg you on, and encourage that type of behavior. Just remember how you felt that night where you came crying to me, begging that I wouldn't release your phone number. I'm giving you a second chance to eventually join the Premier League. Prove your worth in the minors, show the people that you can win without cheating or at least attempting to. If you want to talk trash that's fine. Do whatever you feel the need to do in order to boost your self-esteem. Just don't expect to join the premier leagues without proving that you can be a honest competitor.
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