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Default Re: Premiere League 2012-2013 season application thread

Originally Posted by GP_20
I don't like bragging

Originally Posted by D.Z.W.
Right, says the guy who goes around proclaiming himself as "GOAT" and taking photos of supercars and claiming it to be his own ride

Before I leave, I guess I may as well reply to this, to why I am the Fantasy Basketball GOAT. Didn't want to brag...but you asked for it....Everything I say below can be proved.

I'll break it to 3 sections, Pre-ISH, ISH, Post-ISH


So this was before I played Fantasy Basketball with ISH Posters. Back then, like everyone else, I had to post my Yahoo Sports Resume to gain consideration with posters. How did it look?

I had WON 5 out of the last 6 fantasy basketball leagues I played in. This includes a Public League, a Private League, and a Winners League. Whats a winners League? A league where all the champions of leagues meet. So basically I am a champion of champions. That is how unstoppable I was. The only league I lost in was a league I didn't ever edit my lineup in.

I posted this strong resume, got consideration, posters looked at it and confirmed it, but eventually was snobbed because no one "knew me". So what did I do? I started the "ISH Premier League" and it became the most popular and competitive league ISH had ever seen.

But overall, coming into ISH I was considered a champion of champions in leagues I had played in. A resumé so strong that I have yet to see any other ISH poster post one as strong.


I played 4 years of leagues in ISH. Each year I did 1 league per year. That league was either the most active or 2nd most active league on ISH. Results?

I was only defeated once in 4 years of play.

Didn't exactly win all the other years. The 1st year I won the Premier League Championship in a dominant fashion. 2nd year I had a fluke bad year (one bad year in over a decade of play = FLUKE).

The 3rd year I was kicked out of a league. The last year I made it through a full season and won another championship in a dominant fashion. And retired from ISH fantasy leagues.

So overall, 1 loss in a total of 4 years played on ISH. That's not good I will admit. Shouldn't have ever lost, but I guess flukes happen.


This not many of you know about. But since leaving ISH I have played in leagues and made over thousands of dollars playing in money leagues. I basically win every year, collect my cash, and move on. The people who play with my say they have never seen anyone so good, and I usually have half the league drop out when they see that I am their competitor. I've become the most feared fantasy basketball player ever.
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